About Us


NeoTrans is an International Freight Forwarding company. The company provides end- to-end logistics solution to a diverse customer base with core expertise in inbound and outbound cargo movement to and fro India, evolving itself to meet the changing needs of the industry and offering quality solutions to clients. NeoTrans has successfully networked itself extensively so as to be able to meet all service demands.

NeoTrans has been operating as complete logistics provider and has been growing steadily since its inception in 2007 with the aim to provide prompt, efficient and reliable services in the field of freight forwarding and total logistics solutions.

NeoTrans core expertise is import and export by Air & Sea with a team of around 50 professionals actively trained and expertise in handling all sorts of Imports shipments to India. 80% of the company’s business is repeat business,

which is indicative of the excellent service NeoTrans provides to it’s customers and is handling regular shipments from all over the globe.The directors of the company are active in the management of the business and enjoy good working relationships with the company’s numerous customers. The sales and marketing teams are ever-ready to cater to the customer’s specific requirements.